George’s Golden Talisman

On the left, the lady is holding a rare BC jade found in the Fraser River near Hope.   It appears black but really it is the darkest green possible and I’ve therefore called it Midnite Forest  Jade.  

Clockwise, starting with the pink one:  

Rhodonite (Keremeos);

 Midnite Forest Jade

Siberian Jade

Leopard Spot (BC);

Snow-pea Jade (BC).

All of these have been taken now; I continue to create others as unusual and elegant stones present themselves.  Watch this space for an ebony stunner now in progress in Black Tusk Basalt . . .  

A WIKIPEDIA SEARCH of the proposition of proportion will yield profuse analysis, stated in mind-bending mathematical terms and aptly labelled The Golden Proportion.’ I feel driven in an eternal quest to express pleasing proportion in all creations to which I set my hand and eye, yet as an artist, such excruciating perfection diminishes the art.  To me, art is better expressed by my artist’s perception of  The Golden Proportion rather than by precisely duplicating its rules.   My ‘Golden Talismans’ are hewn into a thickness, breadth and length as close to perfectly pleasing as my hand and eye can create at that moment.  I do not claim perfect proportion in each one; I claim each as only a marker in my progression toward perfect proportion—yet I render their dimensions closely enough that I claim the term ‘Golden’.  That I would create them and painstakingly polish them from rare and beautiful stones is a given.  

Talisman?  I do not subscribe to metaphysical mumbo-jumbo—but long experience in creating shapes convinces me that should the creation of any sculpture in stone be brought to or near the prescribed dimensions of the Golden Proportion, there comes a moment verging on magic when it begins to undeniably emanate the property of positivity.  (Ask any sculptor!)  The holder of such a stone will feel it. Clasped in the hand, it will confer that positivity on your every enterprise—from conflict, to negotiation, to romantic pursuit, to a visit to the dentist . . . the thrust of your every endeavor will turn in your favor.  My talisman will not miraculously cure the ills of the world— but in times of pain or distress, if it be clasped against your person, it will give ease to whatever mischief may be the source of the disquiet.  

George’s Golden Talisman—my claim for it is that its positive influence will be immediate and certain.