Picasso Marble!

. . . all sculptures on this page have found homes, a testament to the popularity of Picasso marble when displayed to the public.    It’s stunning  markings  provide for some particularly beautiful figures.  Look at the ring-neck on the waterbird . . . !  


When they closed up the access to the 'Rainforest Marble' site , fellow sculptors Michael B. and Sandra B. and I went looking for another spectacular medium from which to carve our 'coffee table ' sculptures.  Following up on a lead from colleague Brian Berman of the NWSSA, I lucked into a connection with an old boy 'way down in Utah , who had turfed up a  handsomely colored marble on his gold claim.  I don’t know who named it 'Picasso' marble but by the varied markings, it was a name most à propos. 

'Kissing Birds' . . .  beautiful in Picasso.  There’s a pair of kissing birds in every stone if you look hard enough . . .