'Bursting at the Seams'

Civec (pronounced sivech) marble, a soft white variety from Macedonia.  Civec is now finding its way to prominence, replacing the depleted white statuary of 'Michelangelo’s Cave.'  That base is a  granite beach stone from here on the Sunshine Coast. 

Recent marble sculptures introduced at the Art Crawl . . . 

'Cool Cats'

 The sinuous movements of their bodies, the way the softly padding of their feet makes them move so quietly,  the way their total body language tells you what they are thinking about you . . . all these elements and more, have made cats a favourite sculptural subject. 

 The white one is hewn from Arabescato, my favourite sculptural marble—the black one from now rare Portoro Macchia.    

I’ll continue to carve cats, but after this Art Crawl I’ll move on to a different theme. 

'Bearing Fruit'

Calcatta marble, a warm white with faint cinnamon striations, originating near Carrara, Italy.  The bearing base is created by friend/colleague Sandra Bilawich, a talented art fabricator in metal.

Frog hewn out of a remarkable little block of malachite, a stone found mostly in Africa.    In its natural state, it appears like green bubbles or grapes, a formation called 'botryoidal', which result in infinitely varied

‍ spectacular markings when honed off.