Watch this space! 

 Another exciting sculpture  in process at my studio . . . 

Picasso Marble!

‍ When they closed up the access to the 'Rainforest Marble' site , fellow sculptors Michael B. and Sandra B. and I went looking for another spectacular medium from which to carve our 'coffee table ' sculptures.  Following up on a lead from colleague Brian Berman of the NWSSA, I lucked into a connection with an old boy 'way down in Utah , who had turfed up a  handsomely colored marble on his gold claim.  I don’t know who named it 'Picasso' marble but by the varied markings, it was a name most à propos. 

‍ On the right you can see the progression from a featureless shard to a fine finished Humpback  Whale that one would never dream is locked up inside . . . .that’s me looking like a man from outer space, going at the marble with a diamond mini-grinder.