'Bursting at the Seams'

Civec (pronounced sivech) marble, a soft white variety from Macedonia.  Civec is now finding its way to prominence, replacing the depleted white statuary of 'Michelangelo’s Cave.'  That base is a  granite beach stone from here on the Sunshine Coast.

These  sculptures are now part of the collection of yet another art lover.  I have a bit more of that Calcutta marble laying in my studio/yard.  I have yet more 'organic abstract' forms floating around in my  head and heart.  .  Watch this space . . . !

'Cool Cats'

 The white cat (Arabescato Marble) has found a home . . . but Blackie (Portoro Macchia Marble) is still with me, still slinky and gorgeous . . .

'Bearing Fruit'

Calcatta marble, a warm white with faint cinnamon striations, originating near Carrara, Italy.  The bearing base is created by friend/colleague Sandra Bilawich, a talented art fabricator in metal.

Frog hewn out of a remarkable little block of malachite, a stone found mostly in Africa.    In its natural state, it appears like green bubbles or grapes, a formation called 'botryoidal', which result in infinitely varied

 spectacular markings when honed off.  

This frog has fournd a home now.  I have a  very little bit of this stone left,  thinking hard about what to  create from it . . . .